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  • Treatments for CMT

    08 November 2016

    Vitamin C - Ascorbic acid is an organic acid with antioxidant properties. The L-enantiomer of ascorbic acid is also known as vitamin C. The name "ascorbic" comes from its property of preventing and curing scurvy. Ascorbate acts as an antioxidant by being...

  • Feminist Metaphysics

    12 November 2016

    The field of metaphysics has only fairly recently been touched upon by feminist theory. While some have argued that the two fields are largely incompatible, efforts in feminist metaphysics have generated a wide amount of controversy in how applicable...

  • Tips to beat insomnia

    08 November 2016

    Insomnia is usually perceived as a type of sleeping unrest. Persistent insomnia can diminish efficiency at work or weaken attentiveness and concentration, which sometimes may cause fatalities. Insomnia causes distress mostly among adults and elderly women....